Our flagship event; Aspiring Professionals’ Summit is the first of its kind premier event withn the accounting realm in Pakistan that will provide you with an essential exposure of Corporate interviews, Case-based decision making, scenario-based accounting role plays and challenging accounting trivia. Not only that, APS entails career guidance workshop, interview coaching and resume writing workshop. Experts and professionals from leading auditing and accountancy firms will be mentoring and adjudicating to ensure a holistic business world experience. So get an opportunity to liaise with recruiters and accounting professionals from the top-most companies in the country.

Business Case Challenge

Step into a real-life, time-sensitive scenario demanding integrative decision-making. Apply your analytical skills to crack the case questions pertaining to crisis management, operational issues of the business or financial difficulties.

Accounting and Fun

Explore your creative side and develop fun and interactive ways of teaching accounting. You can use props, presentations, short clips or prepare a skit. The floor is all yours.

Job Interview Simulation

Experience the real-life recruitment process through mock Interview. Professional employers from leading companies will be conducting interviews; providing an opportunity to learn the art of conquering your dream jobs.

Accounting Trivia

Providing you an opportunity to build and test your analytical skills and levels of competency in accounting and business knowledge.

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Be prepared to experience a sensational performance night. Let this be a surprise.