1. Project Advisory

Project advisory at LSPA is an initiative by the society to trains students to go through an extensive program which has been designed to develop their core skills essential for effective functioning in the corporate world.┬áThe program aims to be a pioneer program for students by exposing them to a wide range of activities and through building cross-functional teams which will further enhance their skills in terms of learning from each other. The wide-ranging training would primarily emphasize on developing soft skills technical expertise to prepare all participants to the fullest extent to become an invaluable source of help for the corporate firms. Project advisory aims to provide all participants with a distinctive platform to acquire profound skills through various activities session seminars and meetings and we’ll provide promising opportunities to apply their learning in the real world.

2. Project Research

The Research Department at LSPA aims to publish works suited to the needs of the business students, faculty, and other interested parties alike. With this key objective in mind, the research team focuses on a few significant areas such as: learning from others through interviews, establishing a link with the SDSB faculty, making full use of the internet to discover the world of accounting, and then finally extracting from and synthesizing these findings to produce a coherent and useful magazine for our target audience.


3. Plan-X

LSPA hosts an Intra-LUMS accounting event with an aim to introduce essential to accounting and strategic vocational skills and their implementation in practical situations. It offers students a platform to engage in case-based learning of business acumen, accounting quizzes, and professional communication activities. Experts from the industry are invited for adjudication while also providing valuable insights and coaching sessions to the teams.